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Tech pack/Flats / Artwork

A Technical Package is an informative document that a Fashion Designer creates to communicate technical details to overseas and domestic manufacturers in order to produce garment prototypes, style samples and new apparel collections.

​A correct technical package includes measurements, materials, colours, trimming, hardware, grading, labels, tags and artwork details. The actual garment's measurements and grading are provided by a technical designer or sometimes a pattern-maker.

A tech pack is one of the most important documents to communicate technical production details to your manufacturers. Without it, there can be no actual production. Its accuracy minimizes production errors and delays. This is why your tech packs need to be designed by an experienced fashion designer.

​Flat Sketches or Flat drawings are black & white representations of actual garments as if they were laid flat showing all stitching, seam details, trims, hardware and sometimes textures.

Drawing Flat sketches are the #1 step to create collection boards and technical packages.


A fashion artwork is a Vector Format file (created using Adobe Illustrator, file name ending in .ai or .eps). It illustrates a specific print design, all over print or trim design detail that will be required to produce a garment.

The artwork file is sent to the supplier to communicate the desired final result. Therefore, it is extremely important that the Artwork file is submitted at 100% actual imprint size or clearly note the desired finished size, plus any other print finishing detail. The placement of the design on garment should also be clearly noted. Pantone Solid Coated (C) colour chart is most commonly used to specify all colours required.

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